We know we have been blessed with everything we could ever need here at home, but numerous others can't say that.  Minden Rotarians offer assistance world-wide in various projects such as: Water 4 Haiti, Polio Plus, GSE, and general donations to the Rotary Foundation.
We sponsor outgoing and incoming GSE teams.  GSE stands for Group Study Exchange.  4-5 young professionals spend 4-6 weeks in a foreign country learning basic cultural, economic, and vocational traditions.  In return, 4-5 adults from that country spend 4-6 weeks in our district learning the same things about us.  It is a life changing experience for both the traveling team and host clubs.
Polio Plus is the Rotary International program that will some day rid the world of polio.
We collect books during the county-wide clean up and send them to foreign countries as part of Rotary's “Rotary Books for the World” project. 

Books are collected all across the US and transported to a shipping facility in Houston, Texas. There they are loaded into containers and sent to various locations all over the world.