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The Minden Rotary Club is a non-profit organization that promotes peace and understanding through local and global service projects.
​Members abide by the Four-Way Test:
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Be on the look out for these "act of kindness" cards!  Minden Rotarians are devoted to doing good works in our community.  If you are the recipient of a kind act, stop for a moment and think about what it truly means to put service above self.  

You can always contact any Minden Rotarian or send an email through the link below to learn first-hand the principles and workings of Rotary International. 

On May 9th the Minden Rotary Club held another collection opportunity for used books.
  Monetary donations to help with the large shipping costs are always accepted.  
All donated books will be donated to the “Rotary Books for the World” project. Books are collected all across the US and transported to a shipping facility in Houston, Texas. There they are loaded into containers and sent to various locations all over the world.  

This project originated in 2001 when a handful of Texas Rotary clubs shipped three containers to countries in southern Africa, each holding 40,000 books, overseas. By 2011, 26 containers were shipped. Last year, that figure soared to 40.  

The cost to send these books to where they can be utilized can be overwhelming. Approximately $2,500 buys a container and $4,100 covers the ocean freight. Minden Rotarians will have a donation jar at the drop off site or you can mail a check to MINDEN ROTARY CLUB, 441 W LEXINGTON AVE, MINDEN NE 68959.